7 Tips For Soaring Flappy Bird High Scores And Keeping Your Sanity

Flappy Bird will be famous for at least ten more minutes. While it lasts, you might enjoy it. Much text is written about whether Flappy Bird is clever, wrong, a happy mistake, etc. Right now, everyone only wants to figure out how to get a good score on this way-too-hard game, put it down, and get their lives back on track.

When I first heard about Flappy Birds, I laughed. People will laugh at how quickly you fall and how quietly you die. This happiness soon turned into anger. Don’t worry, friends. We at PCMag have put together seven tips that will help you improve your Flappy Bird game and get your score to a new high point, like six.

1. Going Slower Is Better

Tapping more doesn’t constantly improve things in Flappy Bird, but it’s easy to do too much because your bird falls quickly. It would help if you found the right beat in Flappy Bird, so get used to moving more slowly. To score points, you must pass between pipes at the last second. Aiming low in this game is better because you can rise so fast.

2. Allow Yourself To Fall

Many times, it feels like you’re fighting gravity the whole game. But remember that the real enemy is the person who made the game. No, I meant the pipes coming in from all over the place. I know those sudden drops toward the ground that kill birds look scary, but you’ll need that burst of speed for when the gaps change heights. You won’t be able to keep your balance. That’s how the game works right now. As you bop along to a beat, remind these words from The Click: “Gravity is a harsh mistress.”

3. Use A Tablet To Play

This tip comes from this great YouTube movie. I know it’s great because he talks about getting up to about 70 and being a witch! Since I was still determining if screens would make a difference, I did it myself, initially on a Nexus 7 and then on a full-body iPad. I wasn’t happy with the Nexus, but my score almost doubled on the iPad, so this might be true.

4. Keep Calm

It may seem straightforward, but this is very important. You will play worse if you are tense and worried. If you want a high score, quit the game when you get angry and return later when you’re more focused. The bigger screen probably didn’t help me get a better grade as much as it took to set up the iPad in the above tip.

5. No Distractions

People are told to turn off their phones before going to the movies or the theater to avoid interfering with their enjoyment. You can lose everything in Flappy Bird, just like in those high-level works of art. Check to see if your device is currently receiving a lot of app changes.

Additionally, put your phone on Airplane Mode if your mom texts you and begs you to stop playing Flappy Bird. “Son, we love you. We only care about you. Mom, good try. You’re trying to get my attention to beat my Flappy Bird score.

6. Make A Different Flap Pattern

Even though I’ve been talking about “finding your rhythm,” don’t get too comfortable. It’s easy to get stuck in games like this, where you make the same mistakes. Part of getting used to the game’s harsh gravity is changing what you do when you tap instead of always doing the same thing. Get ready to change.

7. Absolute Persistence

In the world of Flappy Bird, practice doesn’t make perfect, but sticking with it might pay off. You will not learn the levels, but playing a lot will help you get a better feel for the right pace. Again, I recommend that you play the game in short bursts. You shouldn’t expect to be happy whenever you sit down with it. Play it, then put it down. 

Do this over and over again. I’m sure these tips will help you do better in Flappy Bird, but I only got a five on the game myself. Instead, our IGN friends say you should download the game and throw away your phone immediately. I can’t entirely agree with them, but they’re not wrong.

Final Thoughts

Getting a high score in Flappy Bird takes planning, persistence, and adjusting to new situations. Slowing down, letting your falls happen naturally, and keeping cool is essential. It is easier to play on a computer, and staying focused is necessary. Changing flap patterns and keeping going even when things go wrong is also required. Even though these tips can help you improve, the only way to succeed is to practice and keep at it.

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