Addictive Flappy Bird game.

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Flappy Bird

Playing the addictive one-button game Flappy Bird is completely free. To make the bird fly as far as you can, click repeatedly! Although the gameplay of Flappy Bird is straightforward and benign, it may easily incite players’ ire. To make the bird go through the pipe without falling or hitting any obstacles, tap to raise it up. The lone player’s responsibility is this, and it seems easy enough, doesn’t it? However, if it fails, the player would forfeit all of their points and have to restart at zero.


Game Features

Introducing: Multiplayer Madness – Flap with Friends and Dominate the Skies!

Master the Flap

Enjoy the leisure of playing the free game Flappy Bird at your own pace and comfort. This version of the game is accessible on PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. As the player, you guide a bird through a side-scrolling environment, maneuvering it through rows of green pipes without collision. Take control of the bird using simple controls to soar to new distances!

Flap for Distance

The game offers a straightforward setup accessible to all players. Navigate the bird through varying lengths of obstacles (blue water pipes) in an attempt to earn points with each successful pass. Be wary, as contact with a pipe will end the game. Test your skills and aim to propel the bird to its furthest flight

Fluttering Fun

Flappy Bird's charming gameplay, inspired by birds and water pipes, captivates players. Created with care, it's beloved by kids and assures parents of its non-addictive nature. With gentle visuals and soothing sounds, it's easy to dive in and enjoy. Start your adventure now!

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