A Guide To Unlocking Hidden Features In Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird might look like a simple game but it has many secret features that can make it more fun. These secret parts of the game add a sense of wonder and fun keeping players interested and eager to find out what else it has to offer. Flappy Bird is full of wonders that are just waiting to be found. There are hidden characters and secret game modes.

How To Unlock Hidden Features

Finding and using Flappy Bird secret features can be fun and satisfying. Some features are easy to get to and some may require skill and effort. Here are some Flappy Bird tips that will help you find secret features:

  • Get High Scores: Flappy Bird high scores allow you to access many secret functions. If you get a high score you’ll probably be able to play with new characters game modes or Easter eggs. Work on your skills and get better scores to access these benefits.
  • Complete tasks: You can get to some secret features by finishing specific tasks in the game. One task could be getting a specific score going through a certain number of pipes or hitting a particular goal. Keep an eye out for tasks in the game and try to finish them to get to secret areas.
  • Explore Different Paths: Flappy Bird is an easy game to play but there are often secret ways and paths that can lead to hidden features. Check out different flying tracks and hitting patterns to see if you can find any hidden secrets.
  • Attention to Clues: Flappy Bird secret features are sometimes indirectly related to the game. Pay close attention to any signs or hints that appear while you’re playing. They could give you essential information on how to access secret features.

Hidden Characters

Getting to the secret characters in Flappy Bird makes the game more fun and unique. Different players may have other ideas about which secret figures are the best but here are some of the most famous ones:

  • Yellow Bird: Players often find this character one of the first secret ones they can unlock. People love it because it adds a splash of bright color to the game and makes everyone happy.
  • Nyan Cat: Nyan Cat adds a fun and silly touch to Flappy Bird. A popular internet joke inspired it. It’s fun to play with because of its bright colors and catchy theme song.
  • Robot Bird: Robot Bird is different from the other characters in Flappy Bird because it is made of metal and has a future look. It makes the game more cool with its unique look.
  • Mystery Bird: As the name suggests, Mystery Bird makes Flappy Bird more mysterious. It looks different every time, so players are in for a treat when they open it.
  • Fall Out Bird: This figure is a mix of Fall Out Boy and Fall Out Bird. Fans love it because it has an edgier look and accompanies the band’s songs.

Easter Eggs

In Flappy Bird, Easter eggs are hidden shocks or secrets that make the game fun and exciting. There are many different kinds of Easter eggs, from simple nods to other games or pop culture icons to more complex secret messages or features. One of the best-known Easter eggs is that if you tap the screen a certain number of times, you can play as a different character. 

This lets you play as a secret character, such as a different bird or even a character from a different game. You can find another Easter egg in Flappy Bird by tapping on the screen while the game is stopped. This changes the color of the pipes, making the game look different. Some players have also said they found hidden pictures or messages in the game’s code, which could signify bigger secrets inside Flappy Bird.

Game Modes

Standard Flappy Bird gameplay involves tapping the screen to move a bird through several green lines. The goal is to get the best score without hitting any objects. There are, however, secret game modes in Flappy Bird that let you play in different ways. Details may be different based on the version of the game, but these are some popular, secret game settings that players have found:

  • Night Mode: In this mode, the game’s colors are darker, making it harder to see the pipes against the background. Players must rely on their reactions and muscle memory to overcome the hurdles.
  • Reverse Mode: The bird moves from right to left instead of left to right in this mode, which changes the game’s direction. This change can confuse players who are used to the usual way of playing, making it even harder.
  • Upside Down Mode: This mode flips the whole game screen upside down, so players must adapt their tapping pattern and reflexes. It also changes the way the hurdles are positioned, adding a new twist to the normal game.
  • High-Speed Mode: This mode speeds up the bird’s movement through the level, making it harder to avoid objects. Players must tap quickly and accurately to keep moving forward and avoid hitting pipes.
  • Multiplayer game: Several versions of Flappy Bird have a game where two or more people can play against each other simultaneously. Players can compete against each other or with friends to see who can get the highest score or stay alive the longest.

These secret game modes give Flappy Bird more variety and make it fun to play repeatedly as players try to beat each new task. Finding and unlocking these hidden modes can also be fun for players who like to learn about how games work and discover their secrets.


Finding and using Flappy Bird’s secret features can make the game more fun by giving you new tasks and prizes to find. By learning how the game works and trying out different moves, you can find secret characters, Easter eggs, and game modes that will make you enjoy it more. Get your phone, open Flappy Bird, and find those hidden features!

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