What Is The Highest Score In Flappy Bird?

If you thought you were stubborn and patient, you have yet to meet the person who scored the best Flappy Bird score. When it came out in 2013, Flappy Bird, a mobile game that looks easy but is known for being challenging, took the world by storm.

Even though it’s not as famous as it used to be, many players still want to get the best score on Flappy Bird. Someone has set the cap and has had it for almost ten years. We will show you the best number to get you going, and then we might give you tips on becoming the next world record winner.

What Is The Highest Score In Flappy Bird?

Even though the game doesn’t have an official world record recognized by a reputable organization like Guinness World Records players have claimed high scores. However these claims have been questioned in different ways. One score that stands out is that of Eli Duke who got an impressive 9813 points on November 5 2014.

Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed this number is famous in the Flappy Bird community. But it essential to be skeptical about these kinds of records because there isn’t an official way to check them which means that stories and exaggerations could be true. Don’t believe everything you read.

Jayyswan score of 2311 points is also noteworthy. This score is backed up by a movie on YouTube and is listed on speedrun.com which gives it more authority. Since Flappy Bird doesn’t have an official world record players often share their best scores online making an unofficial scoreboard.

Still we are determining if there are better scores from quiet winners that have yet to be recorded or made public. There a chance we’ll never learn who scored the most points and where they stood.

What Is Flappy Bird?

Dong Nguyen made the mobile game Flappy Bird, which became very famous quickly after it came out in May 2013. The game became popular because it was easy to learn and had a problematic rhythm and quick-decision-based gameplay.

To move a bird through several lines, players tap the screen to create the bird flap its wings and try to avoid obstacles while getting the highest score possible. The only problem is that the bird will fall if you don’t tap. Even though Flappy Bird only had a few simple gameplay elements, it became a huge hit, becoming the most downloaded app on both Google Play and Apple iTunes.

How To Find Your Best Flappy Bird Score?

Keeping track of Flappy Bird high scores can be a way to feel good about your accomplishments and get praise from other players. There is yet to be an official organization that keeps records but there are online groups and sites where people can share their successes.

For example the web version of Flappy Bird has a live scoreboard which stands out. This official list shows the top 10 scores from the last hour and the top 40 from the previous 24 hours. Developers have also hinted that an all time ranking might be added giving a more complete picture of the best scores players have achieved over time. 

This could be the official record for the best Flappy Bird score ever. Participating in online groups and Flappy Bird events with friends can give people who want a more competitive atmosphere a reason to raise their scores.

Tips on How to Get the Highest Score in Flappy Bird

Getting a high score in Flappy Bird is challenging because the game is known for being very hard. Here are some tips from different places that will help you get better at Flappy Bird:

  • Focus: This one should be clear. We suggest you play it in the bathroom to prevent other things from distracting you.
  • Remove screen protectors: Get as much tactile sensation as possible. For better input, play on a device that doesn’t have any extras, like screen covers.
  • Tap at the bottom of the screen: Rather than tapping in the center, tap at the bottom for a sharper view of the game and more straightforward navigation. So, a bigger screen helps with this kind of training.
  • Increase the volume: When you turn up the volume, you can hear the moving wings better, which can help you time essential moves.
  • Compete with friends: Healthy competition among friends may motivate you to develop your talents and obtain better grades.
  • Stay calm: Because the game is challenging and depends on luck, keeping quiet and dropping your blood pressure can help you deal with anger during tough rounds.
  • Blazing persistence: Flappy Bird doesn’t give you points for being perfect, but playing it repeatedly can help you get a better feel for its flow. For the best effects, play for short periods.

Gamers worldwide are still obsessed with getting the best score on Flappy Bird. Players have scored very high in the game, but there isn’t an official world record. Eli Duke’s 9,813 points is one of the best. Even though Flappy Bird’s principles are pretty simple, its challenging gameplay has made it a worldwide hit. 

For personal or group credit, players can raise their scores by concentrating, taking off screen covers, tapping at the bottom, turning up the noise, playing with friends, keeping calm, and playing without stopping for short periods.

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